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Fetal Squirrel Webcomic

Fetal Squirrel #2 - Get Hiking

Fetal Squirrel and Mr. Snowman are on a quest to find happiness.  Together they set off on an existential adventure to figure out who they truly are.  This is my current focus and I publish a new issue every Monday at




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Damon Eckhoff is a painter, illustrator, and UX Designer living in Portland, Oregon. He grew up in a small prairie town in Missouri and moved to Portland in 2003.

Damon’s art and design have been included in a 2012 Portland Mayoral Debate Campaign, Portland Parks and Recreation Bike events, and a story-telling website. You can also find his playful and smart artwork on clothing and other accessories at his Zazzle site, Fuzzy Bunny Cute Shop, and at the PEDAL BIKE TOURS online store. He holds a Bachelors in Fine Art from PNCA, a Bachelor in Science in Computer Science, and is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

Focus & Approach

In addition to the biking world, Damon’s art often stars cute animals such as bunny rabbits, giraffes, and other kid-friendly creatures. His draw to these adorable beings is rooted in an optimistic appreciation for purity and the simple things in life.

Damon’s creation process is a unique combination of reverse glass painting, gouache, and digital which produces thought-provoking, funny, and vibrant works of art.

Hobbies and Fun

When he’s not creating, Damon finds himself belly-laughing at comedy shows, dancing his way through concerts, and hiking and backpacking all over beautiful Oregon.  He loves to travel by train, and finds that some of his best ideas are born while sitting in an uncomfortable seat for long periods of time.

If you have questions about collaborating or about his children’s book in process you can email him at:


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Twitter – @DamonEckhoff