Big Illustration Party Time Podcast… Is Back!

Jun 22, 2013 by Damon Eckhoff in Illustration / Tutorials & Resources

Illustration Party

Illustrators!  Listen up!  Do you like getting paid for your work?  Do you have a solid contract that protects you and your clients?  Are you looking for help taking your illustration career to the next level?

Then check out the illustration podcast BIG ILLUSTRATION PARTY TIME!  Created by Kevin Cross and Joshua Kemble, it features practical tips on how to build your illustration career.  It covers business topics such as contracts, marketing, finding clients as well as process topics such as inking and story craft.

I’ve listened to every episode and found it to be a great foundation to getting an illustration career started or taking an existing career to the professional level.

Check it out on iTunes and TalkShoe.  Do it!